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Don’t panic… Pray!


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As an intercessor,
It’s time to make history!

With the current financial crisis touching every corner of the planet, it’s time for the church to take our place in bringing about God’s solution.

Decisions are being made right now on an epic proportion that will forever change the course of human history. These decision cannot be left up to the wisdom of man.

I am calling all intercessors to take up their place on the stage of history and bring this situation before the Throne of Glory for His wisdom and solutions to prevail.

I am not a financial analyst or an end-times prophet, but we are facing something right now that the world has never faced before, and we need to be sure that we are calling for God’s will to be done.

“O LORD, God of our fathers, are you not the God who is in heaven?
You rule over all the kingdoms of the nations. -2Chron. 20:6

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